Douglas Hammond

Times on the planet earth


During the times of the great seasonal-greeting songs, family, creatures and beings had enough space to realise life´s blessings. The universe would be so harmonious that travel to other galaxies was as common as to take a walk. One could travel on the sound of a melody or rhythm-chant. However, the sickness of superiority that occurred doused the spiritual harmony of the whole universe so profusely that confusion and watchfulness took on horrendous characteristics.
The normal function of people on the planet to provide basic necessities naturally required group effort, however, because of the new madness many groups had to ban together for mere protection. One reason was that this new madness became a joy and vehicle for dominance in a new concept named slavery. The planet became a hell to many life loving creatures. Beings from other galaxies stopped visiting, deeming earth a deseased planet. Centuries followed in a depraved state of violence. It came to pass that some realised a school of thought had to be forged as a means of recapturing past knowledges lost in the midst of this great madness. The first step was to again look inside oneself with calmness and learn complete stillness that was known to allow body and mind to heal itself without allowing thought to interfere. Slaves first regained this knowledge for they had no other tools except self to realise means for continuance, becoming so in tuned with themselves that fear was virtually eradicated: Intuition took its proper place again as a natural warning signal. Deciding to leave their captors, the slaves took advantage during the festival-of-hedonistic-rites by feeding the entire empire plants which caused one to sleep for many days. Thus, the first days of peace in this hellish metropolis.


Now a new beginning far beyond the reach of their captors, freedom and independence would not be an easy task to know in the real sense: Slavery had truly taken its toll. Old folk had never forgotten the balances harmony had bestowed in another time.
Many young, of course, tried to adapt ways and aspirations of the previous circumstance; especially in the directions of power, pleasure and possession. Being free now showed a certain need of new responsibilities and sensitivities. A number of people had a strange wish to return to that hellish place because habit had conditioned their attitudes to a false relationship to things, power and joy. A new life on the country-side had little fanfare compared to previous exotic visitors with their jewels, spices, dancing girls and intoxicants. Some of the elders realised a false value-system affected too many folk toward a concept of richness, again, through acquisition. This became a serious problem as a state of crime ensued.
In some years the community had become a small metropolis even though there still were some problems. Being things had gotten to a point of basic good life with a strong system of protection for the community, some of the elders felt it was time then to visit the larger city with a strong body of people simply to see if there were others needing help. Upon arrival in the old city they found, to their surprise, that survival had been a difficult task for the inhabitants as they had become weak from using others previously for their basics. Some wanted revenge for past horrors incurred by the hands of their previous captors. But fortunately the leaders of the new city were wise and compassionate, explaining to their small band that with the hard work and problem-solving it took to build their new abode, that in itself is the real wealth which means the use of all on the planet while sharing with all in compassion.


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