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Components of the Experimental Array:

Real Space

The Autodrom referred to as bumper cars in the US or the dodg'ems in Britain is a familiar sight at amusement parks, carnivals and fairs. It constitutes the point of departure of our experimental array.

The Autodrom consists of a driving surface made of steel panels, the so-called plate, and a steel grid, the current collector lattice, mounted above it. The bumper cars equipped with a steel mast which slides across the lattice constitute the connection between the plate and the grid. DC current flows through the car once the driver has deposited a plastic chip. The electric motor is activated by means of a pedal and the bumper car gets underway.

What is forbidden in traffic on public streets is completely permissible at the Autodrom: unrestrained bumping, ramming, cutting off and crashing into other cars. The Autodrom is a driving school sans fender-benders as well as an electrified dance floor. But the biggest kick has always been the collisions. The Autodrom driving school and meet-market.

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